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Yoga Virtual

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Yoga Virtual

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Time: 8:30 am - 9:30 am
Days: Tue
Normal, IL, 61761


Transaction Date/Time on or after 11/18/22 @ 8:30am.
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Yoga Virtual

This class instructed by Tom Carroll will be conducted virtually allowing participants to attend from the comfort of their home. Class is designed so anyone can join in, feel safe and find what works for their body - this is "your" yoga adopted to your body, your ability and your limits. We will playfully explore and learn a variety of postures. Your body will be reclined, seated,on hands and knees, or standing. You can do this yoga!

Participants are responsible for their own mat, a set of yoga blocks, a yoga strap and a beach towel. These items will make the class even easier on your body as we use them to help us find control and safety in the yoga practice.


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